Pool Leak Detection

Pool Leak Detection

We use many tools for pool leak detection. Hydrophone’s, Scuba tanks (should we have to work underwater for extended periods), pressure testing just to name a few. When we locate the source of the leak/s we will determine the repair price and let you know on how to proceed. No secrets, nothing hidden.

Pump and Filter Repairs

Pool pumps and some associated components are now regulated by the Govt. Should your pump or system need replacing, we will use energy efficient systems. These new pumps and motors are slightly more expensive but far cheaper to operate for the long-term. These systems really are a huge improvement over the old. We use them in our own pool.

Chlorine Generator Installation

Tired of having Chlorine tablets sitting around corroding everything? Are the liquid Chlorine buckets too heavy and messy?
Make pool maintenance easy on yourself or family by having a Chlorine generator installed. Work time is down to around 30 minutes a week and there isn’t anything to lift.


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